M2E Projects has invested in Business Coaching

The proprietors of M2E Projects have embarked on business coaching development that has led them to a significant improvement in the strategic decisions that affect their profession every day.
The advantages this gives, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, are addressed to all stakeholders: employers, employees, clients and suppliers.

The 4 main reasons why you should try and find a Business Coach.

In this time of crisis, the market offers the opportunity to review methodologies and identify the best way to act to adapt to external circumstances.

We must all do everything possible to regain confidence and be ready to produce solutions that give value to our society, which is constantly developing in an increasingly demanding and competitive direction.

As we all know, all the great entrepreneurs rely on their intuition, passion and courage; they believe in an idea and act accordingly, sometimes without even analysing the market analytically or with the relevant economic and financial skills.
Successful entrepreneurs are resilient; they fall and get up, they do it because they believe and pursue their dreams. They believe in something that drives them without stopping in pursuit of success.

They may start with an objective of wealth and power, but over time, due to their successes and failures, they manage to transform their dreams into what they have set out to achieve, making an important contribution to modern society. It is about what is in their heart that helps them grow and continue the path of success; this state of mind usually answers the question “Why or for whom am I doing it?”.
During these ups and downs, successes and failures, we often risk arriving at moments of partial stagnation, a typical feature of all the life cycles of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

What allows some entrepreneurs or enterprises to be able to go through these difficult times and align themselves with the constant and frenetic demands of the market, is the ability to have someone alongside that helps them move from a critical point and
guide them to a satisfactory condition, focusing only on the objectives to be achieved.

If your vision is unclear, then every single opportunity will distract you and hinder your progress.

After all, you will never know what you could achieve until there is someone pushing you out of your comfort zone. Just ask any professional athlete.

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

Bill Gates

Have you recently assessed the idea of ​​using a Business Coach, but are not yet convinced of why you should do it? here are four reasons why you should consider it:
1. Explore and discover new perspectives, achieve clarity in your objectives.
The common saying, “nobody is smarter than all of us together” or rather, the collective power of many is well above the individual power of an individual, refers to the added value that a business coach brings to an individual.
However, doing it well is an art. A coach digs into your personal values ​​and beliefs that you did not even know existed and teaches you to link them to your wishes and intentions. Sometimes a new shared perspective is needed to identify and find the solutions to certain problems.
2. To make your most profound ideas emerge, to awaken your creativity.
Nowhere else will you find someone dedicated exclusively to coaching a personal business. A coach – well, a good coach – asks you key questions aimed at stimulating and enhancing the thoughts of each of us to be heard and discussed.
In doing so, the coach allows you to assess alternatives and align them with your most rooted values.
The best part of these exercises is the amount of judgment your coach offers: NONE (zero).
Unlike the people around you, friends or colleagues, it is not the responsibility of a coach to explain your position to others, but to suspend external judgment so as to guide you towards your objectives.
3. To be responsible within our (ecological) systems.
Becoming a more effective leader: together with a coach, learning new tools and generating the confidence necessary to challenge new limits, new skills are developed to persuade, inspire and connect with others. In short, new communication skills (in other words both common-action) are critical elements during transition phases.
It is very common to break promises we make to ourselves, but what happens when they involve other people? A coach acts as a responsible partner who challenges you to create new strategies and develop your values, aligning all your efforts towards achieving goals starting from the environment, behaviour, skills, beliefs, values, identity and spirit.
4. To receive instructions and learn new self-management tools.
A Business Coach will challenge your thinking, the 52 Italian plants – November-December 2017 objectives and the will to grow. Like someone who “has been there, who has done it”, a coach also acts as a model according to the experience that he or she shares.
The key metric for coaching success lies not so much on the new awareness you will learn – which tends to become obsolete in about 18 months – but resides in the mental tools that the coachee learns to use, and that through their conscious use, the way helps to navigate to success, both inside and outside the business world.