M2E Projects – Power Generation

Starting from September 2017, M2E Projects has been involved in Ibri Combined-Cycle Power Plants (CCGT) in Oman in order to provide gas turbine technical consultancy service.

Consequently, to the Oil&Gas temporary “drop”, especially in upstream & midstream operation, and with the aim to expand their recruitment and staffing services, M2E is proud to announce a new significant achievement in the Power sector.

M2E Projects has been selected by Ansaldo Energia in order to provide technical advisory services related to erection and installation, including pre-commissioning and turnover checks of Ansaldo’s GT26 class gas turbine for the new Ibri Combined-Cycle Power Plants (CCGT) in Oman (1510 MW).

The CCGT technology will produce electricity for transmission and distribution to the Main Interconnected System (MIS) grid.

Ansaldo’s GT26 turbine uses a sequential combustion technology designed to produce clean, efficient and reliable power at a low cost. The technology offers operational flexibility, increased combined-cycle efficiency, and better availability with extended intervals between inspections.

The turbine exceeds 60% net efficiency at full load and minimises emissions over a wider range of operations. It also gives an advantage of partially or completely switching off the second combustor during low demand periods.

Plants are expected to be commissioned in early 2019.

Marco Ungari, M2E Managing Partner, said: “we are proud to be a supplier of Ansaldo Energia, one of the most important key Vendor in the world; thanks to our strategic vision, this project is a significant step in our growing path and it will definitely be a plus for us in order to implement and develop our agency services our global
engineering, construction and commissioning services.”

He added: “Moreover, this opportunity by Ansaldo Energia allows us to stabilize our experience in
the Power sector and at the same time we have the possibility to increase our employee skills; on the other hand, we will have the opportunity to continue our internationalization path having the opportunity to approach at an important market such as the Gulf market”.