M2E Projects - Recruitment

We are always looking for new candidates. Select your area of ​​expertise and attach your CV.

Project Director

Project Manager

Project Engineering Manager

Project Control Manager

Project Engineer Coordinator

Project Engineer


Cost Control

Construction Manager

Site Manager

Contract Manager

Claim Manager

Subcontract Administrator


Project Engineering Manager

Project Engineer

3D modeler

3D Administrator

BIM Engineer

BIM Coordinator

Process Engineer

Civil Engineer

Steel Structure Engineer

Piping Engineer

Stress & Support Engineer

Machinery Engineer (static&rotating)

Electrical Engineer

Instrument Engineer

Automation Engineer

Telecom Engineer

Construction Manager

Site Manager

Field Engineering Manager

Field Project Engineer

Subcontract Administrator

Quantity Surveyor

Construction Engineer

Construcability Manager

Construcability Engineer

HSE Manager

TOS Engineer

QA/QC Manager

QA/QC Engineer

Welding Inspector

Field Planner

Field Cost Control

Civil Supervisior/SPDT

Steel Structure Supervisor/SPDT

Mech. Equip. (static&rotating)  Supervisor/SPDT

Piping Supervisor/SPDT

Rigging Supervisor

Scaffolding Supervisor

Painting/Insulation Supervisor

Electrical Supervisor/SPDT

Instrument Supervisor/SPDT

DCS / ESD  Supervisor/SPDT

Telecom Supervisor/SPDT

Commissioning Manager

Lead Commissioning Engineer

Commissioning Engineer (all-disciplines)

Commissioning Supervisor

TOS Engineer

Pre-Commissioning Engineer

Operation Manager

Maintenance Manager

Field Operator